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If you’re fed up with the pain, find out how I banished my back pain for good with science backed strategies.

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I’m Colin MacGregor, owner & founder of Bash Back Pain with 25 years of experience in the strength and rehabilitation industry. I’ve helped hundreds of people change their lives with scientific strategies proven to reduce chronic lower back pain and sciatica. I’m on a mission to put an end to your back pain!

In this video I share my story – my daily life was a struggle before I discovered how to banish my back pain for good! But I did it, and so can you.

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Enjoy a better quality of life pain free! Imagine no longer relying on pain killers, being fully active again and improving your mental health too.


Return to those activities that you love, moving freely without being scared stiff of the pain. Get your pain free life back!


Sleep and work better with my tips on pain relieving exercises, sleeping positions and work space optimisations. Get your energy back!

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What's Included

Top tips to relieve low back pain guide

The best stretches to relieve back pain

How to sleep better with back pain

Setting up your workstation to minimize the pain

A decompression stretch designed to relieve the pain


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Join hundred's of people banishing back pain!

Download my new guide – Top Tips to Relieve Lower Back Pain – to learn practical solutions for lower back pain management that can be achieved at home without expensive equipment.

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